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22 Mar 2016

Inventory Management

course - 23 Apr 2016 09.00

Sekretariat ALI

Inventory Management


Program Overview

Inventory management is extremely difficult and represents a major problem for anyone responsible for inventory and relate to supply demand management. It requires more tools for which most managers are not equipped with. This workshop is about how you can design your operations to better managing inventory. By better inventory management, a firm gains a significant competitive advantage.

During this workshop we help you overcome the common difficulties and misconceptions  about Inventory Management also supply demand management by taking the design of your operations seriously through implementing tools of operations management in the form of quantitative models and strategies.


One Day Program

•         Understanding the inventory & its functionality

•         Understanding the process view of organization

•         Types of Inventory

•         Independent & dependent demand inventory

•         Inventory cost structure

•         ABC prioritization

•         Inventory management approaches & EOQ

•         Reorder point

•         Inventory control policy & replenishment techniques

•         Suggested safety stock calculator

•         Decoupling points

•         DRP

•         Inventory performance measure


•         The participant will learn:

•         How to segment inventory and assign appropriate management techniques

•         Discover forecasting techniques and strategies for different  inventory types and planning horizons, such as budgeting versus replenishment

•         Understand the fundamental levers for optimizing service levels, inventory costs and inventory levels



Tenaka Budiman, ST, ASCM, CSLP

Executive board of ALI



Reguler             Rp 1.700.000,-/peserta

Group (3+)       Rp 1.600.000,'/peserta

* Training kit, materi, snack&lunch, dan sertifikat


Sabtu, 23 April 2016

Kampus UGM - Samator Pendidikan

Jl. Dr. Saharjo No. 83 Jakarta





Ph                    : 021386 3936

Hp.                   : 0811 9590 620 (Elsa)

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